Saturday, April 21, 2012

Social work in the Government

What are the Activities they do from day today?
      Where you work as a social worker depends on the type of social work you want to do. Some may work in schools, hospitals or an office if you work with children. If you work with older people you can work in an office, at hospice or hospitals; and lastly if you work with criminals or mentally ill then you will be in mental hospitals, prisons, and jails. You spend your days (Often nights and weekends) talking to your client either helping them solve problems or cope with issues. Also you may be trying to treat or diagnose your client.

What kind of education and training is required?
     You at least need your bachelor’s degree as a social worker for your entry level job. Some places will except a bachelor’s degree in a related field, like psychology or sociology. If you want to be a clinical social worker then you must have a masters. It is recommended to have coursework in psychology, sociology, economics, and political science. To be a clinical social worker you must have a license, its optional to have one if you are nonclinical, varies by state. There are many skills that one should need to have they include; Compassion, Listening skills, Organizational skills, People skills, problem solving skills, and time management skills.

Highlights of the job...
     The major highlight of being a social worker is that you get to help others. You can save the lives of your clients by helping them solve their problems or coping with something they are going through. You also get to meet many different people from all over.

My Reflection
     This job is so appealing to me because this is what I originally wanted to do with my life because I love to help people and listen to their problems. I would highly recommend this job to my friends because it has good pay and you feel really good about your self by helping. You also get the chance to learn from different people you meet and work with. This job contributes to our society by helping to understand one another and keeping people of all ages safe from abuse, mentally and physically.  Being a social worker is people helping people.